About Us

Our company started operations in the city of Mayaguez in 1971 as West Electric Corporation.  In 1999, a related corporation contracted with us the remodeling of various low income housing projects for an aggregate cost of $4,000,000.00.  Our work consisted in the building of community centers for these housing projects, painting, replacing storm sewers and building retaining walls. These housing projects had an average of 70 housing units each.

This event sparked off the evolution of West Electric Corporation into West Contractor, a general contracting enterprise.

Since then, West Contractor has developed into a general contracting firm, expanding its scope of operations throughout  the entire island, having successfully executed and completed (among others) the following projects:

+La Inmaculada Elderly Center
This is an 8 floor building with 120 apartments, ample on-site parking and offices in the first floor. Location: Santurce San Juan, PR Year: 2005 Cost: $9,781,469.00… more info
+Metromedical Center
Our scope of work consisted in the completion of an unfinished office and parking buildings project. The project had been abandoned by a previous contractor. Work in the… more info
+Ponce Downtown Urban Rehabilitation
Work consisted in the reconstruction of 31 street segments, sidewalks, underground utilities (sanitary, storm server, catv, electrical and telephone) Concrete streets… more info
+Roche Aviva Phase II
Work consisted in the ground-up construction of 40,000 square feet of new manufacturing facilities including site works, cast concrete and steel building.  Including cast in place… more info
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Our main offices are located in Santurce (San Juan), and Mayaguez, with a satellite office in Ponce. Having the capacity of working throughout the entire island of Puerto Rico allows us to offer our services to clients islandwide.   Each of our offices has its team of local staff, integrated by committed professionals, in tune with local agencies and ready to facilitate the execution of all phases of our projects. Permanent presence in these locations allows us to have top notch administrative and field workers, many of whom have worked with the company for well over 20 years. Our low turnover warrants committed personnel with pride on their performance, loyalty to our customers.

Our Mission

We are our client’s best ally, exceeding their expectations in the construction field, taking on challenges with flexibility, innovation, accessibility and commitment.

Our Vission

Dominate our market segment, with projects that enable high quality, competent management and effective financial results.

Project In Progress